Good Things Come to Those who Create

Fern and Thistle was born from my love of creativity and wood. As soon as I started to work with wood, I realised that’s what I wanted to focus my designs on. The base of all my creations is scaffolding wood. Using the original process of cleaning and then drying, I retain the natural beauty of the wood, allowing the individuality of each piece to shine through. After cutting it to shape, I sand, treat and wax the wood to ensure the finished piece is perfect. It’s time consuming, but the results are worth it. I absolutely love spending my days in the workshop creating these pieces.



But it wasn’t always home designs and gifts I made. It all started with a home move and a complete home renovation. When we had the builders complete some work, they changed the windowsills in our kitchen and dining area and replaced them with standard painted sills. I always disliked them and wanted to make a change. I spent a few days playing around with scaffolding wood left over from the renovation, to see if I could get the effect I wanted. Just not at the high price of the expensive woods we’d been quoted.


I kept all the wood the builders left behind, found any wood I could get my hands on and began creating. This was my first taste of working with wood and I’ve never looked back.
Inspiration for me comes in many forms. Our beloved family dog Ralph was the one who gave me the opportunity to explore how nature could influence my designs during our long walks together. The earthy patterns and intricate designs found all around us form the basis of many of my designs, and the idea of being able to display foliage and flowers (albeit fake!) had led to many of the designs you’ll see in my website. Family is very important to me, so designs that reflect family and the part they play in our lives are also very close to my heart.

As well as creating my own designs and displaying them in my home, many of my sourced items come from a local village shop in Romiley, called Echo. I love to be able to use local companies to beautifully display my designs, as well as buying pieces for my home. My creations are also displayed in the shop for Echo customers to purchase and I’ve even created shelving and display units there. It’s great to work so closely in such a tight knit community and I’m always on the lookout for other local businesses to work with.



Please do take a look at my designs in my shop and if you’re local, pop into Echo and see the fantastic creations they have on offer there too.

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