The Best New Card Fashions

The Best New Card Fashions

The Best New Card Fashions

As the greeting card industry continues to grow in variation, creativity and significance across the UK, supporting the jobs of around 100,000 people directly and indirectly, it is great to look at some of the new and emerging trends from prominent figures within the industry.

This is particularly prominent in the UK, where we are known to buy more cards per person than any other nation in the world! That’s great for us here at Framed Memories, as we love taking peoples’ cards and turning them into a beautiful lasting memento.

Interestingly, around 85% of these greeting cards are bought by women, but the big question for this article is, what are the best new card fashions? While everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to cards, it’s always satisfying to feel like you’re a step ahead in knowing about some of the best and most current greeting card styles on the market. We’ve taken a look around, and here are some of the leading opinions in the industry on what is being enjoyed recently and what we think readers will benefit from knowing about.

Amy Harwood: According to Amy, a lot of increasingly quirky cards are estimated to be sent this coming year. People love to pick pieces that think will make the recipient laugh, with the opportunity for regional humour, niche humour and even custom-made originals now available across the market. Cards with a lovely message alongside the humour that show a personal connection and how that joke reminds you of someone is what stands out to many buyers.

Amy says she'll be experimenting with puns, funny characters and particularly relevant sayings this Christmas. With the idea of dinosaurs getting up to various sorts of festive mischief being a particularly appealing option to her, she'll be looking to create a prehistoric Christmas. Whatever your particular tastes for humour, there are now countless options to let you express that with those whose humour you know best.

Heidi Burton: Heidi Burton of Heidi Burton Illustration is experiencing an increased demand for the customised and personalised styles that she's designing. She expects this to affect entire areas of the greeting card industry as many move towards spending a little bit more on a personalised design for someone special.

According to the designer, calligraphy and drawn topography have really taken off in recent time. Heidi says that foil effects and laser cutting are also now popular and finds the fact that an online source such as offering them to be a positive thing. Heidi's opinions of the best new greeting card designs are extensive and passionate, as she also considers cards with pop culture and current affairs references and cards with anthropomorphic creatures clad in festive attire to be among the leading consideration for greeting card options. If you agree with Heidi, there are plenty of places to enjoy your favourite new card fashion

Deborah Leask: When it comes to the thoughts of Deborah from The Dimpse, then just like Heidi, she thinks calligraphy designs will prevail, along with handwritten style topography mixed with metallic foiling. She also favours cards utilising pastel colours, with blush pink being an example. Deborah also thinks rustic appearance will still be a big deal, matching natural elements with a Kraft paper, together with hand-drawn doodle type designs and intricate styles. Unique lettering counts massively with the entire artisan-maker vibe.


So, there you have it, key opinions on the best new card fashions in these experts' options. I’m sure we didn’t cover every top new design, but we hope you can use the points from these designers to acquire a card that will be satisfying to you and really meaningful to the person you send it to.

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